2010年12月28日 星期二

Banana Cake's Workin Diary

Ok, for those who don't know my job. 
Let me introduce, I just finish 5/10days Maxis function workin as a promoter at Sunway Carnival.
I have a good time workin here and meet some crazy and cute new friend.
The first I wasn't know they well but soon I get to know them.
Eventually, I get more than I expected in this 5 days.
First of all, I got experience in servin either nice or jiong 囧 customer.
Ya, I'm talkin about the one who claimin he has wife and girlfriend both.
Or the one who lied to he son by statin that Nokia X3 that we are givin it free is kind of a smart phone.
But, I also got a chance to meet nice customer who talk to me as a friend.And we jump together crazily when I told her I gor 8As in my PMR exam.
There also some customer rejected me and broke my fragile heart when they said:'DIGI or CELCOM'.
But, I especially thanks the Pak Cik who bought X3 with me. He saved me to end the job with egg. 
I also got new friends.
mango teacher, huiwen who really helps me a lot with the package things, dealer ah tatt, carrot skin, 旗开德升,leng lui mikke,always hungry-jenice lee,mei mei(who is 绝代双骄with me) and lots I think.But not Ah Hooi , hahaha...Love to see his face when he saw ice-cream girl and her boy friend, must be siok !!

This is the prove!!XD

I got sweet memories with my new friend.
 I remember when we are buyin ice-cream and suddenly somebody said:"Patrick is comin!!'' And all our ice-cream automatic back to the fridge. Hahaha.
Or the time that Ah Ping was promotin iPhone and askin his customer go to autocity and find him. And we are shoutin so loud that autocity is bad in traffic. So bad huh?XD
Of course, when we ate at Kim Tavern and the leng zai chef so so so so leng zai. XD  

I got new nicknames.
New nicknames given by Ter Sern and Cheg Yen.
Ter Sern change my surname to 0 which pronounces ling. And yet, my name became 00 fang.Weird? I think so.
Or the other nickname would be more delicious- banana cake given by 萝卜皮 ah yen. Which one better?
Haha, or both also weird.

I got a chance to know more about smart phones like HTC and iPhone.
I personally like HTC. And Samsung Galaxy. And iPhone. Or all la. Haha.
iPhone's apps so siok. Last I just knew this at the last day of fair, that is handset=handphone.

Nice workin experince ever.
1.We ate half of the fridge of ice-cream girl's bliss yogurt and quarter of the fridge ice-cream.
2. We ate more than 25 waffle from Dailyfresh. 
3. We anti- Ah Hooi more than Mega Star.
4. We more work on the poster than GSC's worker.
5. We gave more balloons than other company.
6. Our Santa Claus kalah the most to the Red Santa Claus with two hot chicks due to Maxis no bajet.
7. Our jokes were much more colder than the others. 
8. Our memories were much more precious than others.

workin so hard huh??

team work team work !!

best team ever..

mikke mikke leng luii....

nah, ah tatt forgot come fetch me...T.T

mango teacher~~
lo bek pi``XD
Thanks guys, you guys brought such a joy to my holiday..

2010年12月14日 星期二

Stop givin me choices

ok, many people like english song but no much people know 'The Hoosiers' from Britain (i think).
But, by chance I heard this song. 
Suprisingly, nice!!
Stop givin me choices !!
Give it a chance. I won't give you choices. 

2010年12月13日 星期一

fuckin life

This fuckin life is punishin me by givin me a dealth penalty. 
Life suckss.
Everyday keep on doin the same old things make me feels like a zombie.
I really need something to splash me up.
I don't know what is that. But I really need somethings fresh to wake me up from this dull life.
What that stuff gonna be? 
I'll tell y'll when I found that.

2010年12月5日 星期日

it used to be...

I saw a post recently on facebook.Click THIS to see the post. It reminds me to my childhood time.
Aww.. Miss that time.
Foolin around and doin many stupid things.
But, that was the the time used to be. I'm now 15. A teenage girl who now studyin and still dreamin around.
I did:
I knew some of you guys just did some of the list, but i did tonnes of those stupid things. And, yet, now, I want to do it again. 
Perhaps start tomorrow. =]
Its fun. Who cares if I look like a bozo? 
I don't care. I'm thinkin what if I stay like a kid forever.
Then, I no need to deal with all those annoyin things in our life.
All the studies and exams stuff, pressures given by either our parents or teachers, financial problem and tonnes of those what made "LiFe".
But, what to do? That's life. 
We can never ever go back to the wonderful childhood we used to be. We keep on growin and growin.
Our burdens are gettin more and more heavier. The more we need to face, the more we learn.
Thus, from the process learnin, we are gettin mature and yet, we grown up.
There is a time that I keep on  thinkin when I will grown up.But, we will never knew that we are growin up.
The time passed just can be recall as well.Somedays, we gonna leave daddy mummy soon and try to live on our owns. 
Maybe, it's time to think about the future although I have no ideas about the future.
But, tomorrow Imma start to do a list of stupid things and fool myself like i used to do since I was very borin in the whole holidays too.=]
recents of me..

2010年11月12日 星期五


Today, 12/11/10.

I woke up and it's rainin at 5.30a.m. Gosh, hate rainin day so much! It would be so 'mahuan' to board bus.But yet, I still decided to go school to meet my 3A1 classmate for the last and last time. Was wearin slipper to prevent my dear white shoes from bein wet. Stand beside the telephone booth under a big umbrella like an idiot. After 30 minutes, the idiot still standing there. Damn, the idiot realized she missed the bus all in a sudden. Aww, missed bus at the last day of schoolin? Such a moron. But, luckily the moron have a good da who willed to bring her to the school. Yay !!
Hate rainin~~

Then, it's 7.30a.m. We went to the hall for assembly. Imma freakin scared of the discipline teacher as my hair are over long !! Luckily, the teachers don't even want to bother me though. But, one things i wonder about is 'WHERE ARE MY PRIZES FOR THE BASKETBALL MATCH?' Eww, I shouldn't go participate if I would knew that isn't a prize for us. I just go there and 'throw face' nia.

So borin at school untill want mould already. So, me , gee, jieh yi and yee ling decided to take some 'fresh' breath out of the Penjara Jit Sin. We went wandering around Tmn Sri Rambai. And finally, we decided to have our brunch (or lunch) at Restoren TSR.

leng leng~~

got edit.. nice huh?

walau.. leng luii..

when you are hungry, every things look like came from heaven..XD

gee was cheated.. you see.. so thin the waffles is..

my bruch..love it..Xd

me n gee..

mice babe no.1

nice babe no.2

nice babe no.3

ok. me n gee again..haha..

i looks like indian???

heh, you guys lookin wat?? got UFO??

makin fool of myself


me n gee 3rd pic...

came from dynasty ming??

the bac of leng luii...
nice water ily huh?? izit water lily??

As a result, we have a nice day!! XD

3A1 freakin little people came today. Imma so jeolous when I saw 3A2 eatin the pizza and so happy about their last day of form3. Whatever, I think I will miss you guys so much. Love you guys so much. But, we are gonna seperated into diferrent class. Haiz. I have to said this would be the happiest year ever in my Jit Sin life. You guys are so cute, funny, naughty, pranks and smart and every things. We have many fun and memorable memories in those days.
We fight PMR together.
We joking on each other together.
We play together.
 You guys walked into my life and bring many many things to my life. Without you guys, my life would be such a bored and dull life. THANKS, GUYS.

teng  so hardworkin lol~~


talkin wat o?

side view

taking picture wif candle??

xin xin~~

wow..sorry, han..wakaka..

again, sorry han...haha..

why cnt? wat tat's mean?

finally can take a gud pic liao..



i promise i wnt jeolous..

gee u can go be model ler la..XD
me and ken fei....
Those who not in the pictures, i love you guys also..

Friends forever~~