2013年2月19日 星期二

the a team

I've forgotten this blog for ages. Ages what do you think?
And honestly i think no one will ever view my blog, seriously. 
No promo no viewers.
That's how the business goes.
So who cares? With that way i can write all my thoughts feelings here.
Good way to talk to myself huh? 
So here i found another song that cries my emotion. Here the links:
So this ed sheeran sings well and the link to emotion works well.
There no songs make me so sentimental and thinks a lot for a long time.
As i can remember the last song that makes me feel so was .. ok i forgot.
Maybe it was Numb by linkin park or hey there delilah by Plain white t's.
Actually it wasnt something bad to listen at some slow sentimental songs sometimes. 
It soothes our souls and calm ourselves down from the inside.

and here are a few songs i wold like to share to maybe the real blog walkers or promo wanderer.

Birdy- Skinny love

Christina Perri & Jason Mraz- Distance

Bruno Mars- When i Was your man

Linkin park-leave out all the rest

Ok, i think thats enough for you to play it on loops. 
They are like my fav songs when i need some time. 
So i hope you like it! f

 -------- __@      __@       __@       __@      __~@
 ----- _`\<,_    _`\<,_    _`\<,_     _`\<,_    _`\<,_
 ---- (*)/ (*)  (*)/ (*)  (*)/ (*)  (*)/ (*)  (*)/ (*)

Life moves on after we recharge ourselves. 
Stand up and fight for another days. =]

2011年11月21日 星期一

time flies !

Its holiday!!

Eww, old crappy beginning but that's truth.
Indicates nothing but the gone of years to me. *Sigh*
Time really flies ! Yesterday was the day we sat in our form 4 classroom and acted so shy that we don't know our new classmates.
Boom! Come on ! Today is the last day of form 4 school life?
God dammit!
Time isn't flies but rushes. 
Rushes along with our adrenaline  across the field, the classroom, the examination hall and all the places we used to have fun. Yup, no doubt it rushes with we know it. Terrible isn't  it?
Ok, I try to not put too much emotion in alright? Earth is still spinning around even if we stop our steps.
So? Just move on and nike it! Nike? Just do it la![with malaysia accent, huiyoo]

ultimate traffic life of 4s3. XP

=.= 双下巴

i think the hand stand for "crocodile" XD

骚包-ing >.< with xueyong and suchee

everyday i'm shufflin with kenneth toh
ya, and that's the end of form 4 life. So fast it is. T.T
and now, i'm landed in my home which stuff with boredom. 
The Thursday before holiday began. Me and jiamin went to Pacific for movies ! While everyone was plannin to watch 那些年, me and jm was not interested in it at all. We watched the adventure of Tintin and Tower Heist. Some people might said we're not up to date but who cares? These two movies are nice and we eventually bought the tickets with the same place and hall! What an coincident. XD

we are not cloning tickets ok? XP

I like that doggie! Its cute and smart. XD

It got Ben Stiller and Eddie Murphy! Both of my favorites actors! How can i miss it? XP

Ok, this the the conman stared by Eddie Murphy. 
The manager who contributed the idea of robbing the Arhtur Shaw who is a businessman in wall street who lived in the tower.
Transferring the car made of gold from the tower by LIFT? omg.

Overall these two movies really rock my day. I love actions.
Next post will be movies talking.!

2011年8月16日 星期二

recents of me

Its has been ages since I last touched this ‘dusty' blog. Haha.
Seriously, my last post was a photo titled 你在我心中. Haha. LMAO.
No point at all. Zz. In fact, recently since the 2nd class test I have been so fallen till now.
Fallen? Ya. Fallen. I made my homework into a pile, I ponteng class with xue yong and suchee to eat Nasi Lemak[trust me, the worst part of all is we have to lie to teachers and prefect╮(╯_╰)╭], ponteng class just to skip some lessons. Haiz.
Fallen, fallen and keep fallen still. 
I'm thinkin its maybe just a part of the process so call growin.
What the? Growin have to go through all sorts of problems, dilemmas?
Its a tiring process. =[
I'm livin and I'm being through the process.
Seeing my friend around me being through the process too.
However, everybody's process not the same. 
Some might going through it happily? Emo-ly? Haha.
I don't know. Maybe what I'm going through is a process mixin everything.
Can't imagine what I'm tryin yo express. (╯﹏╰)
RARR ! Zzz.
That why I'm plannin a small version of bag pack travel to Penang, I was tryin to make myself feel better after the trip, hopefully. Who knows? I hate hua yue! >.<
Then I was start thinkin other than that I have no other friends else? Is my friends too little? Or just I'm afraid to make the move myself? =[
I just wanna go to the beach and cry as loud as I can. =[
But I can't. T.T
Really don't know what I'm thinkin. 
Eww. I hate this feelin and its starts to trigger in me. Let drop the topic!!
Erm. Oh ya, recently I watched a movie named "Taare Zameen Par" which means Stars on Earth recommended by our dearest sui eng
This is it! The handsome Aamir Khan and the cute kid in the movie.
The story was talkin about a kid who have dyslexia whereby the whole family and surroundings don't understand what problems he is facin but have a though that he is lazy and not-willing learnin boy. When this problem that he start to lose concentration and his result still not improve at all, his dad decided to send him to   boarding school. Poor Isshan have to live on his own at such young age at a place that he don't know well. Since then he started to sink in depression and frustration. But luckily he met a teacher starring Aamir Khan who realised the problem of the kid as he had the same problem when he was small too ! Hence he can understandin what the kid's feelin so he decided to give the kid a helpin hand. Finally, he can be a normal and happy kid with he help of his teacher. This movie is drop dead touch. XD
He is cute, isn't he? =]
In a nutshell, its a nice movie worth to watch. =]
Now, cheesy time. ^^
It looks like a pac man after I gave it a cut. Hiak Hiak.
That's all. =]
Current song. F***in nice. My mood currently. =[

2011年6月14日 星期二

Very Cute ! ♥

Woah Woah Woah, holiday had over! =[ Haiz. 
Back to school life. Just to update a small post. 

 Mort form Madagascar!! Very cute right? Hehe. Its a gift form a special and retarded people.
Hahaha. Lol. By the way, really gam sia cause its too cute le. 
Lol. I wonder if you guys think it wil alike me? Hehe. What ever. =]
Angry birds from my friend. Ya, friend lol. Lol.
Very cute also right? Hehe. =]
End #

2011年5月30日 星期一

Chillax : Boston @28 may =]

Finally, the war had end.
After weeks of boomin' I think we should have the qualification to join Special Forces.
Its has been a long process since the war started.
We boomed in the paper. We even boomed each other.
Although I'm covered with black and blue bruises and wound caused by long long needle.
*credits to christy, schee &xueyong*
However, Imma survivor. Yay! XP
Celebration was held to memorial the special day we victory. =.= LOL
 "Boston." "I wouldn't like to reserve for this Saturday. Approximatedly 20-22 places."
"Erm, please hold on." "Ok. Your name?.................."
Seems like she had a bit hesitation while i mentioned the figure.
No doubt. 20 to 22 people is gonna gather together at 28 May for a birthday celebration.
28 May is our Tupai's birthday. 29 is me. 26 is our jo siao Richard.
I wasnt takin' too much pic that day. Siuwen and Kahying. So, mostly pic are their copyright.
{Copyright reserved}
Current fb profile pic by siuwen. =]

Birthday card with booms on it. thanks ya!! the spongy and friends really nice. !!

Actually this pic took by yun is just to emphasize on her bow hair pin. lol

me and gee. she always look pretty than i do. T.T

siuwen the camera girl with dslr on that day. credits to her!! =] many nice pic are taken.

me and yun. =]
pranks all over. why candal refuse to do that? O.o lol

four of us. =]

你的帅 我不配 lol
lol thanks la. hehe =]
here's come yun want to emphasize on her hair pin  again. ok. give u take as much as u want.
me and sarika. =]
15 ? i tought i saw 17? haha. just kiddin' la. XP
In "Bed". The lounge la. lol. Credits to ZZ. Specially thanks ZZ for lettin me have more time with this shuai ge. =]

Subway. He endure me because of I birthday on the next day. Thanks la. I无理取闹 le. 赫赫

ZZ: You tonight can sleep le!I was like =.= lol.
End of the post. Quite nice especially beer time at Bed. Just they dare not order too much make feel like not enough! But nevermind, my sis ady promise me want bring me out some day to test my level of alcohol. I can't wait ! Lol. Seems like I so eager. Hehe. Whatever, just for fun. =]